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Coxon Documents

A page of links to documents on this site with information about the Coxons.

These documents are ones that I have prepared or gathered which tabulate Coxon information. In this form they may be of some help to Coxon researchers in addition to the person based information on the rest of the site. Note that many of these files should be considered as working documents rather than complete studies. They will be updated as new evidence becomes available.

Download each file by clicking on the title.

  • The Coxon Mills
    A document produced by Mike Skinsley, reproduced here by kind permission, listing all the mills known to have had Coxon millers, with details of the millers. You can contact Mike at
  • The Coxons of Woolaw, Redesdale, Northumberland
    Known facts about the Coxon family at Woolaw, near Otterburn, with an attempt to synthesis a family tree. Compiled by Stoker Wilson, June 2008. Sources: W Percy Hedley, NRO 3635/3, NRO 542/35, Birdhopecraig Presbyterian Registers. Elsdon Parish Registers.
  • The Coxons of Redesdale
    Transcribed from a handwritten file in Northumberland Record Office by W Percy Hedley of Simonburn, deposited c 1970. Ref. 542/35 by R S Wilson. March 2008.
    W Percy Hedley was the author of "Northumberland Families", in two volumes published by the Society of Antiquaries 1968. ISBN 0901082031, a noted genealogist of Northumbrian families.
  • More Coxons in Redesdale
    A further transcript of some of W Percy Hedleys notes, with references to Poll books etc.
  • Some Coxon references relating to Thrum Mill, Rothbury
    The Coxon connection with the Thrum mill, to the east of Rothbury, Northumberland.
  • The Coxons of Elsdon
    A collection of references to Coxons in and around Elsdon, Northumberland. Some of these have been placed in my family tree. Other are as yet unplaced.
  • The Coxons of Edlingham
    An attempt to synthesise family history lines at Edlingham, Northumberland, and compare with other Coxons.
  • Bishop's Transcripts, 1760 -1837
    A list of entries from the Bishop's Transcripts for Edlingham and Whittingham, Northumberland.
  • Coxon gravestones in Felton churchyard
    Inscriptions from some noteable gravestones in the churchyard at Felton, Northumberland.
  • Presbyterian Marriages in Northumberland
    The Coxons of north Northumberland were generally staunch Presbyterians. This could mean that not all marriage took place in parish churches. This articles explores this topic in greater depth and may be of help to some researchers.

Note: For those persons deemed to be living no personal details except their names and relationships are excluded from this site.