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Welcome to my website

This site is the product of my family history research over a number of years.

My immediate forebears were the Wilsons, a mining family who lived in South East Northumberland for a number of generations principally around the mining villages of Bebside an Bedlington but before that from Gateshead. The Davisons were my paternal grandmothers family, came from north Northumberland with maternal links to Jamieson and Scott families in the borders. The Coxons and the Gordons were my mother's family. The Coxons lived in South East Northumberland, but before that they were millers from along the Coquet Valley in Northumberland and formed a large 'tribe'. The Gordons came from Gateshead, Co. Durham but originate in Scotland.

My wife's forebears include the Johnsons, the Proctors, the McMeikens, the Dunnets, the Pitmans and the Fosters. the Johnson family come from north Northumberland with strong links to Belford and Bamburgh. The Proctors originated in Ireland, the McMeikens from around Wigtown, Scotland, the Dunnets from Dunnet Head in Caithness, the Fosters from St. Albans, and the Pitmans from the Midhurst area of West Sussex.

Hello from me!

These and many more names appear in this genealogy. I am always interested in corresponding with those who think they may be linked to our tree. As with all genealogical study this is an ongoing project - there is no end point! All information is grist to the mill! Please forgive transcription errors and other mistakes.

I gratefully acknowledge the work of Lois Saleeba and others who have freely shared their family history research with me, and thereby made my task that much easier. More information about other researchers will be found on the Other Researchers page.

If you find something of interest in these pages or if you want to get in touch for any other reason please e-mail me at

Stoker Wilson.

Note: For those persons deemed to be living no personal details except their names and relationships are excluded from this site.