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The Davisons of Bedlington

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The Davison Family

The Davisons were a large extended family living in and around Bedlington Station in my childhood (1950's). The number of Willies, Roberts, Julies and Davids seemed legion, and, whilst being cousins, were often referred to as "Uncle David" or "Aunty Julie".

The most distant of the Davisons traced so far is Robert Davison (c1760) who lived in North Northumberland. Not much is known of him, not even his wife's name.

His son was Robert (1796)and here we are on much surer ground. He was born in Ancroft in Northumberland and seems to have moved around a great deal in north Northumberland, probably following work on the land as an Agricultural labourer. He seems to have fallen on hard times because in 1851 he is listed as a pauper. He appears to have died before the 1861 census. He married Isabella Dick in 1826, and they had three children John (1827), Mary Ann (c 1831) and Andrew (c 1833). Andrew's family can be traced through various censuses, and he seems to have built up a successful career as a farm steward. Isabella seems to have died when the children were young - by the time of the 1841 census Robert is living on his own with John, Mary and Andrew.

Robert married again to Margaret Ormson, my Gt.Gt. Grandmother. They had four children; Robert (c1844), Ann (c1847), Dorothy (c 1850) and David (1852), my Gt. Grandfather.

David (1852) was born in Longhoughton, Northumberland and by the time of the 1871 census, aged just 18, was living with the family of his older brother Robert in Bedlington, working in the mines. It looks as though the family had followed the nineteenth century trend to move away from the country into the settled work of the mines in the Northumberland coal field during the industrial revolution.

Julia & Agnes Davison

Apparently Dave was very tall; Nan Hunter, an aunt, said he was called "Big Davy - six foot six in his stocking tops". He married Julia Ann Jamieson (1850) in 1873 and settled down in then Bedlington "Bank top" area. They had a large family and laid the foundations of the "Davison tribe" in the Bedlington area. Their children were Margaret (1874), Ellen (1874) who died as an infant at just 6 months, Robert (1875), William (1877), Jane Ellen (1879), David (1882), Agnes (1884), Dorothy Ann (1887) another child who died in infancy, John George (1890) who was killed in WW1 aged 25yrs, Mary Ann (1892) who died as a child aged 2yrs, and Julia Annie (1896) who became my grandmother.

Julia Annie married Jack Wilson, my grandfather.

This large extended family lived in the Bedlington area. The next generation down was my parent's generation. Some of their descendants still live in the area, whilst others have moved on. If you are a descendant, I would love to hear from you.

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