Stoker Wilson's Family History Page

Help notes

The website for the Family History of Stoker & Lynn Wilson

Hints on using this genealogical site

If you find a family on this site that interests you I am happy to e-mail a Family Group Sheet. This can be easier than trying to plough through all the references to build up a picture of a family.

To find a person by surname,

  • Your fastest route to find a person will be the Search menu item. It will quickly fetch a list of hits and near matches.
  • Alternatively click on the Surname index. Select an initial letter and then follow through the links to a specific surname and then a given name. Where there are people with identical names their given dates may be helpful in identifying the person you want.
  • Generally when browsing the site you can click on any name or place name in the text to go to specific details about that person or place. Using this technique you can trace back through a person's ancestors by clicking on their parents or descendents by clicking on the names.
  • On the person pages there is a "Family Explorer" link. Clicking this will open up a window with immediate ancestors for you to explore.

The Charts menu

  • The Chart List provides a link to a number of charts of significant people in the Database.
  • The charts are displayed on a canvas much larger than the window of your web browser. You will need to scroll around to see all the information.
  • If you can't see all the text in any of the boxes please try reducing the text size in your browser.

Family history summaries

  • To find a narrative summary of the history of a specific family use the Family Vignettes link on the menu. These pages provide a potted history of some of the main families in the site.
  • For the Coxon researchers in particular there is extra documentary information in the Coxon Documents section which is well worth looking at. The page lists a number of downloadable files to view in a word processor.

Family History researchers.

  • I have had contact with many people who are interested in the same persons as myself. Some have websites, others not. I thank those who have allowed their names to be included in this site. A list of these will be found from the other Researchers menu. I hope it facilitates those who are doing family history searches.
  • I have usually not included e-mail addresses, but can supply these to bone-fide enquirers.

Note: For those persons deemed to be living no personal details except their names and relationships are excluded from this site.