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The website for the Family History of Stoker & Lynn Wilson

I am very grateful for other family history researchers who have freely shared their work with me. This page contains links to people and sites that I know of where you can contact others with the same interests as mine. I would love to hear from researchers of other branches of our family.


People known to be actively engaged in research and with accessible websites

Lois Saleeba
Lois is a 4th cousin and has a very extensive family history website, Ancestors of Lois (Tarbit) & Graeme Saleeba. It contains information about their ancestors. In particular it has a lot of information about the Coxon family; our common ancestor is Isaac Coxon (1764), my 3xGtGrandfather. Over the years I have drawn heavily on her research pending my own investigations. Contact Lois at

Harry Coxon
Harry has been a long time researcher of the Coxons. His website, The History Of The Coxon Name, is a mine of information. His Coxon family is distinct from mine but he painstakingly classifies a lot of information about all the Coxon's he finds. The site is well worth a visit. Harry also has his own list of Coxon researchers. Contact Harry at

Paul Walton
Paul is interested in the McMeiken branch of the family. His wife is a descendent of Archibald McMeiken (1826). You can contact Paul at His research will be found on the Genes Reunited website.

Jeff Piper
Jeff is a 3rd cousin of my wife, their first common ancester being Mary McMeiken(1852), who married Charles Herdman (c1849). He traces his line through Jean Findlow - Emily Ridley - Mary Herdman to Mary McMeiken and Charles Herdman. Jeff's family history can be found at

David Irwin
David's interests include the Coxons and the Southerns. His line of descent is from Jane Coxon (1770) and John Colbeck (1760). Jane's parents were Henry Coxon (1730) and Jane Suthren (Southern)(1732), and these are our common ancesters. Henry and Jane are my 4xGt.Grandparents. You can contact David at

Christine Crooks
Christine traces her ancestry back through Dorothy Graham(1803) and Thomas Coxon (1796). Our common ancester appears to be William Coxon(1767) my 3x Gt Grandfather. You can see her tree on You can contact at her at

Other contacts

This following list is of people who have been in touch and have expressed an interest in persons in this data base. These people are not known to have publicly accessible websites but may have e-mail addresses.

Stephen Cooke provided me with lots of information about the Dunnets. Sadly, I've lost contact with him. I would be grateful to hear from anyone who can restore the contact.

Catheen Cairns is the daughter of William Proctor and Elizabeth Sykes

Lynn Devine is the 2xGt.Grand-daughter of Archibald McMeiken and Eliza Jane Foster

Karen Gaughen is the Gt.Grand-daughter of Archibald McMeiken and Eliza Jane Foster

Dawn Gosney is the 2xGt.Grand-daughter of Robert Wilson and Elizabeth Brown.

Lynne Jackson is a fourth cousin of my wife in the Johnson line. The common ancestor is Thomas Johnson. Lynne would be happy to correspond with anyone in her Johnson ancestry.

Martin Johnson is the 2xGt.Grand-son of Thomas Johnson and a third cousin of my wife. He kindly provided an amazing family photo of Thomas Johnson and John Gouldy Johnson, dated c 1870.

Pauline Johnson has an interest in the Johnson family. Her husband,Paul Malcolm Johnson is a 4th cousin of my wife, the common ancestor being Thomas Johnson. She is willing to contact other Johnson researchers.

Angela Melling is the 2xGt.Grand-daughter of John Coxon and Mary Elizabeth Bell.

Debbie Prince. Debbie is a Coxon researcher and traces her descent from Thomas Coxon(c1780-1853) and Isabella(c 1790-1831). Our common ancestors appear to be Thomas' grandparents Anthony Coxon(c1700- 1790)and Jane Brown(c1705 -1746), who are my 5xGt.Grandparents.

Mike Skinsley is a Coxon researcher. He traces his lineage back to William Coxon (1736-1824), our common ancestor and his 5x Gt.Grandfather. Mike has made a significant contribution to our Coxon research by tabulating all the mills known to be used by Coxons in Nothumberland, with the names and dates of the millers. You can access Mike's document through the 'Coxon Documents' on the main menu,

Teresa Slaughter is the 3xGt.Grand-daughter of Charles Pitman.

Bronwen Tickner is interested in the Tickner family and is descended from the brother, Edward, of Job Tickner and his wife Jane Pitman.

Nick Thomas is the 2xGt.Grandson of Archibald McMeiken and Martha Anne Gilmour.

Carolyn Randle has an interest in the McMeikens, through her family link with William McMeiken, my wife's 3xGreat Uncle.

Note: For those persons deemed to be living no personal details except their names and relationships are excluded from this site.