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The Johnson Line

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The Johnson Family

Arthur A Johnson (Snr), Grandfather to Lynn

The Johnson's are my wife's father's family. The oldest traced so far is William Johnson (c1690) who lived in Belford, Northumberland and married Eleanor Allen in 1714. The line continues through William Johnson (c 1730) who married Margaret Rutherford in Chatton in 1757. At the time of writing no birth or baptism records have been found for William or Margaret, but the Johnson's were a large family living in Belford at the time.

Their son Adam Johnson (c 1765) married Mary Reed or Reid (c 1760). They came from North Northumberland. Mary's birthplace has not yet been discovered. They were married at Belford in 1783. They appear to have had five sons and a daughter, all born and baptised at St. Mary's Church, Belford. They were Adam (c 1784), William (c 1786), Thomas (1787), George (1789), John (1791) and Margaret (1796). Their son Thomas, Lynn's 3x Gt. Grandfather, was a Shoemaker, so Adam may well have been one also.

Thomas (1787) married Alice (c 1796) in Belford. They had a family of at least eight children. Adam (1819) was the first. Thomas (1820) followed in his father's footsteps as a Shoemaker. Wilkinson (1823) appears to have been known as "Wilkie" and was my wife's 2x Gt. Grandfather. Mary was born in 1824, Sarah in 1828, George in about 1831, John in 1834 and William in 1837.

The family line continues through Wilkie. After marrying Margaret Robinson the family lived and worked in Bamburgh for the rest of their lives. Wilkie was a Stone Mason, though in the 1881 census they are living in a grocer’s shop with a granddaughter Jane (1868), so they may have supplemented their income as shopkeepers. Theirs was another large family with most of the children being girls. Rebecca (1846), Sarah (1848) Mary (1852) then the first boy William George in 1854. Alice was born in 1856, Elizabeth Jane in 1858, and then the last Thomas Robinson (1862) who was my wife's Great Grandfather.

Photo:Isabella Johnson and grandchildren
Isabella Johnson nee Dunnet (1898 -1957)
with some of her grandchildren

In the next generation Thomas (1862) born in Bamburgh started his working life as a labourer but went on to become a master slater and plasterer. He married Elizabeth Ann Dunn (c 1860) from Ancroft in Northumberland. She was a dressmaker. At first the family lived in Bamburgh, but by 1895 they have moved to Lanchester, Co. Durham. In 1899 they were back in Northumberland at Tritlington for the birth of Lynn's grandfather Arthur Albert (1899). By the time of the 1901 census the family were back living in Belford with five of the children.

Their first son, Wilkinson (1884-1844) appears to have lived only a few weeks or months. Jane was born in 1886, John in 1889 and another Wilkinson in 1890. Then came Charles (1892), Elizabeth (1894), Thomas (1895) and then Lynn's grandfather Arthur Albert in 1897. Lynn's mother knew two further daughters but so far no birth records have been found for them. Annie (after 1901) who married Harry Garret and May (after 1901) who married Joseph Tilsey.

This brings us nearly to date. Arthur Albert (1899) was Lynn's grandfather. He is said to have worker as a forestry worker. In WW1 he was a gunner in the Machine Corps, and a motor mechanic. He married Isabella Dunnet (1898). After is wife's death he lived with his family for a while, but after some disagreements we walked out of the house in about 1959 and no-one knew where he went. We now know he settled down in Gateshead, probably in a hostel, and died in Dunstan Hill Hospital.

Arthur and Isabella had three children. Elsie (1917), Arthur Albert (1920) Lynn's father, and Thomas William (1923).

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